Wired Visions Capstone Development: Just Golf - Blog 3

General / 25 February 2020

BIG art update incoming...

A huge amount of art has been done since the last update a few weeks ago. This update will focus on the environment, lighting and VFX work that I have mainly been contributing to and managing. First, we have our map layout and sculpt in engine, complete with landmark models and smaller props to fill up space. A major decision we made was to cut the Jurrasic map because we deemed it out of scope. With the time we have left we would like to polish the current map as much as possible, which has recently been named "Plunder Reef", for its sea and pirate themes. Here are some examples of the layout, props, and theme we are going for. Just for a reminder, we are making a day and night version of the map, with the night version featuring glow in the dark paint, which is a popular theme among mini golf courses. 




In addition to the environment work, I got a few VFX in the game. For now, we have 2 main abilities: a bomb ball that has a large explosion radius, and an ice ball that freezes targets in place for a few seconds. Sadly I cannot upload the gif to artstation because they are too large but I hope to be able to show those soon. That about sums up the major things that I contributed to over the past 2 weeks The game is really starting to come together, and I am very excited to show more as it develops! We still have a lot of work to do to meet our alpha goals in the coming weeks, but we are on the right track so I'm not too worried.