Wired Visions Capstone Development: Just Golf - Blog 4

General / 05 March 2020

This will be a relatively short update this time since the last update was only about a week ago. Since then the team has been able to get grass and stones on the map. This will help define the golden paths and lanes in the level design, as well as add a level of polish to the art of the level. 

in addition to the stones and walls, we added a bunch of smaller props that give life to the scene. These include things like a treasure chest that opens and closes, a giant clam that opens its mouth, eels that shoot out of certain rocks by the cave area, and more. We also started adding props that will give contextualization to the world. These include things like signs that point towards the holes, exit signs, the entrance sign for the "park", employee-only doors, etc... We also finally have animations in, and although they are still in their blockout phase, we have a pipeline in place to get those all cleaned up in the coming weeks. Lastly, I re-worked the UI to fit our current game direction, here is an example of that.

 **The background image is NOT mine, it is a placeholder off google images**